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1. Online registration:

            This is the easiest and most convenient way to register SAT test. access the website: and create a personalized My Organizer account. Payment can be made by Credit Card. You can use this account to register for SAT test, view your SAT score, send your SAT score to the universities which you would like to enroll to. After registration, you will be received a registration number and Admission ticket immediately.
2. Mail registration:
To register by mail, applicants need to fill in the Blue registration form issuing by College Board. You are required to complete the information (Name, Date of Birth, Test day, Test Center Code, Contact, School Code,…) by black or dark blue pen.  Fill in the ovals completely and avoid stray marks. In case having some mistakes, you can erase and correct them but try to limit your mistakes. Payment can be made by Credit card or bank draft.
Use envelope provided with the form to send to Collede Board. Remember that outside the envelope needs to be seal a mail label that matches the test day. If payment is made by bank draft you may be required to enclose your payment with your registration form.



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